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Mission Project

2017 Fundraising Goal





We are *so excited• about this mission project (and not just because of all the chicken and egg jokes we’ve been telling, though those are fun too).


This project is life-changing for the people of South Africa. Not only are we helping to give them food they desperately need but we are also equipping them with a livelihood to sustain their families nutritional needs and financial needs as well.


ABY-ers, over the years you have blown us away with your generosity and willingness to support mission projects around the world and in our own backyard. What can we do this year?


Our Goal: $6,000


What will our donations do?


$100 will provide an incubator.

$250 brings 12 hens, two roosters and the promise of many future eggs!

$1,500 underwrites a living wage career for one person by establishing a small hatchery and layer operation.


What should you do?

1- Learn more about the project.

2- Download our mission project sheet to share with family, friends and your church.

3- Collect donations.


What do I do with the money?

1- Bring a check to convention.

*Checks should be made payable to:


in the memo line: ABY Mission Project

2- Cash donations will also be accepted at convention.

3- Donate online.

About this Mission Project


Clusters of brightly painted huts sit on hilly grasslands decorated by aloes with orange flowers in this rural area of Zululand. The scenery masks high unemployment rates, limited access to education and increasing food prices. Many people lack high-quality protein such as eggs in their diet.


In the communities we are serving, the average monthly income is well below R6000 or $438 per month. In fact, that is the level at which 70% of South African households fall below. We are working in the poorest communities. A person who succeeds at the poultry project can generate almost twice that income. Many of the people we work with have no employment income and live off of state grants for children or the elderly. 


Where the goal is more food than money, a person can easily generate enough eggs and birds to supply a large family and buy feed by selling a few eggs or surplus birds. 


Brian Zuma was an unemployed young man until he met us. But since he undertook our mentorship in poultry, he has become a local businessperson, selling layer chickens and quail. He is organizing friends and lobbying the government to get land to start a poultry cooperative. Not bad for a guy who was unemployed six months ago!


Mission Project Specifics


This project seeks to raise $30,793 per year in the next three years to enable 60 Health Builder trainers in South Africa to establish egg hatchery and hen layer operations. This project will be managed by missionary Drs. Anita and Rick Gutierrez.

It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall health of the community, impacting the lives of 4,000 Zulu women, men and children. It will provide a career path with a living wage for many young people who never considered hatchery poultry production as a viable career.



You can learn more about them on their webpage: