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Convention 2017

If you were to ask people who’ve been to convention what it is like...well, they’d likely say it was fun. We like to have fun: playing games, having contests, joking around, getting to know new people, eating good food. AND convention is SO MUCH MORE! When it is all said and done we want you to be able to say how you experienced God in worship, grew in discipleship and were strengthened through fellowship because we want convention to be something that IMPACTS your life!


Darkness comes in many forms: anger, loneliness, hate, fear, selfishness, brokenness, fighting… sin. Sometimes it seems that darkness is so powerful that light will never be able to pierce through. John 1 tells us that Jesus is the light, “light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”What a great hope we have in Jesus Christ our savior that Jesus said, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Believers are not meant to be hidden; we are called to shine the light of Christ. So... Let’s get to it! Join us as we look at the why, how, when, and where we should Shine the Light.


That is the heart of what our weekend is about. We are going to have an amazing time. But it isn’t simply that we have a great speaker (we do) or a solid worship team (have have that too) or that our activities will be fun (cause we’ve got that checked off the list as well) but that together we gather stronger than we are alone. To do that we need you! Come on out and join us for this powerful, life-changing, Spirit led weekend!

When:  November 3-5


Where: Holiday Inn Syracuse - Liverpool - Electronics Parkway


Who:     Youth grades 7-12

              Young adults 18-22



Early Bird         $160 per person

After Oct. 6th   $170 per person

How to Register:  click on “Register”

What’s Included:  Main Sessions

                               Entertainment Activities

                                        Small Groups


                                        Saturday Lunch

                                        Friday/Saturday Dinner

                                        Housing at the Hotel 

Not Included:       Breakfasts

                                       Mission Project Donations

Nate loves the #abycon family! He and the band are so happy to come and worship with us again.

YAY! Saturday lunch is now included in our registration fee. Come eat Fri. dinner and both lunch and dinner on Saturday.





5:00 - Registration

6:00 - Pizza party

7:30 - Opening Session 1

8:30 - Small Groups

9:45 - Main Session 2

10:30- Late Night Worship



8:45 - Small Groups

10:00 – Main Session 3

11:15 – Lunch

1:30 - Workshops

5:00 - Dinner

7:30 – Main Session 4

9:30 – Late Night Activities



9:00 - Small Groups

10:15 - Main Session 5

Coming from Florida, Nick is super excited to share his passion for God in his messages.

In small groups we gather to fellowship and discuss scripture with peers.